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a feature documentary about Nikola Tesla’s discovery that the earth produces an unlimited reservoir of natural electricity and his invention that harnesses it, based on an entirely new understanding of physics.

Imagine planet earth as a magnet, spinning through space, and this continuous movement generating an infinite supply of natural energy, more than enough to sustain all of life on earth.  Now imagine if harnessing it were as simple as placing an antenna into the ground.  This is what Nikola Tesla did, more than 100 years ago. A visionary scientist and engineer, he created the electrical foundation of the 20th century with his inventions such as alternating current electricity and radio. Then he discovered this valuable new resource and devoted his life to inventing a system to harness it. Unfortunately his work was misunderstood, rejected, and eventually locked away.  In the last few years a small group of international researchers have been studying Tesla’s writings and reproducing his experiments.  Pictures of Infinity will reveal for the first time what they say Tesla has left behind: the blueprint for a new era of sustainable energy.

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