Singing Stars

This is the sound of light signals from stars, transposed into the range of hearing. A technique known as ‘asteroseismology’ makes it possible for scientists to study the internal structure of stars, based on an interpretation of their frequency spectra.  Nikola Tesla believed these light signals are created by the primordial cosmic energy he discovered … More Singing Stars

Sound of Leonids

The annual Leonid meteor  showers return this weekend (November 17-18, 2012), as the earth passes through dust trails which leave bright streaks as they are set on fire in the upper atmosphere.  For a few seconds the dust trails reflect high-frequency radio signals, making it possible to hear the aetherial, high-frequency sounds of the Leonids … More Sound of Leonids

Song of the Earth

NASA has released a new recording of ‘Chorus’ – radio signals emitted by plasma waves in the earth’s Van Allen Radiation belts, and transposed down into the range of hearing. Listen to the song of the earth: