Welcome to the website for Pictures of Infinity, a feature documentary about Nikola Tesla’s discovery the Earth produces an unlimited reservoir of natural electricity and his invention that harnesses it, based on an entirely new understanding of physics.

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Pictures of Infinity is in production now. Become part of the effort to bring this great contribution of Nikola Tesla’s to light by clicking the button below to make a charitable, tax-free donation online.  All contributions will bring this film closer to completion.

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Film Locations – Colorado Springs

These are photographs from location scouting in Colorado Springs and a description of my experiments with recording sound for Pictures of Infinity.

Nikola Tesla and the History of Radio Astronomy

In 1899, while conducting experiments with a sensitive receiver he had invented, Nikola Tesla picked up some unusual signals which he believed were extraterrestrial in origin. Two scientists have now provided solid scientific evidence not only that Nikola Tesla was observing real phenomena – that the signals he was picking up with his receiver were…

Vintage Chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Nikola Tesla’s Historic Invention

This is a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, published by the W.M. Welch Scientific Company in 1944, and posted online about three years ago.  It covers electromagnetic radiation from simple diffraction to cosmic rays, and shows the frequency allocations and their historic use across the spectrum.  (full resolution image is here) Chart of Electromagnetic Spectrum…


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