Tesla Coil


Nikola Tesla invented an induction coil known as a ‘Tesla Coil’ in 1891
to explore high-frequency radio phenomena, and with these experiments
he made a radical departure from conventional physics.
In his early experiments with direct current (DC) electricity, Tesla discovered
that very fast pulses of extremely high voltages could prevent current,
or electrons, from flowing.  This would cause the current and voltage
to separate.  Tesla believed that voltage is a form of ‘compressed aether’,
a field of energy that forms the underlying structure of the universe.
He found that the disruptive impulses of DC electricity produced
‘longitudinal’, or ‘standing waves’ in the aether. 
He realized that with one Tesla coil to amplify voltage to broadcast
this energy, and another ‘in resonance’ with it like a radio to receive it,
it would be possible to transmit this form of natural electricity
all over the world to meet global energy needs.
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This is a demonstration of a Tesla Coil by Nebojša Kovačević, a researcher in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Filmed in April 2006.