New York City

In May 2010 I traveled to New York City to do location research for the scenes in Pictures of Infinity
that take place there.  During the last ten years of his life Nikola Tesla lived in two adjoining rooms
at the New Yorker Hotel.  I began with visiting his room on the 33rd floor, and then walking from the hotel
along Avenue of the Americas to Bryant Park as I imagine Tesla did so many years ago as
part of a daily ritual, carrying special seeds to feed his beloved pigeons.

New Yorker to Bryant Park

Trajectory from New Yorker Hotel to Bryant Park


 The film will recreate scenes from this period of Tesla’s life,
focusing in a very impressionistic way on his inner world, the
inventions and discoveries he continued to make,and memories
of earlier achievements.


New Yorker Hotel
Bryant Park 2a
Bryant Park


Bryant Park 3a


Bryant Park 1 copy


Nikola Tesla Corner, 6th Avenue at 40th St.
Nikola Tesla Corner,
6th Avenue at 40th St.