In Memory of Jeanne Ritter

Jeanne Ritter

Jeanne Ritter (1948- 2015)

Jeanne Ritter was the distributor for Pictures of Infinity.  She was the Founder and President of Domino Film and Television International Ltd., a Canadian distribution house with over 30 years of distribution and foreign sales experience in marketing independent Canadian films across the country and around the world.

Domino Film had a dynamic catalogue of Canadian features including A SIMPLE CURVE, EIGHTEEN with Alan Cumming and narrated by Sir Ian McKellan, John Greysons PROTEUS, SEE GRACE FLY, winner of the Special Jury Citation for Best Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2004, GOLDIROCKS, THE NATURE OF NICHOLAS, ATTACHE TA TUQUE, Guy Maddins DRACULA: PAGES FROM A VIRGINS DIARY, winner of an International Emmy Award, two Gemini awards, Best Film at the Sitges International Film Festival, and the Grand Prix Golden Prague; Rodrigue Jeans YELLOWKNIFE and FULL BLAST, winner of the 2001 Jutra Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Special Jury Citation in the Best First Feature Category at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Atlantic Canadian Best Director Award at the Atlantic Film Festival; Davor Marjanovics MY FATHERS ANGEL, winner of the 2001 Genie Award for Best Actor and winner of eight Leo Awards including, Best Picture, Director, Screenwriter, Cinematography, Score and Female Performance; Rolf Schraders STONE COATS; Raul Sanchez Inglis THE FALLING; Chris Philpotts THE ETERNAL HUSBAND; John Greysons UNUT; Hunt Hoes FOREIGN GHOSTS; Midi Onoderas SKIN DEEP; Peter Mettler’s PICTURE OF LIGHT; Darrell Wasyks Genie Award-winning MUSTARD BATH; Mort Ransens BAYO; Jules Dassins CIRCLE OF TWO starring Richard Burton; TILL DEATH DO US PART; STRANGE HORIZONS; LES VIDANGEURS (THE GARBAGE COLLECTORS); LE SPASME DE VIVRE (SUICIDE); PICTURES AT THE BEACH; REMEMBERING MEL; GERDA; LARRACHE-COEUR and SEARCH FOR DIANA. In addition, Domino Films catalogue includes television specials like POWERLINES by Helen Hall, awarded the International Jury Award at the International Festival of Films on Energy, Lausanne, 1999.

Domino Film and Television International Ltd. sold directly to broadcast and video clients around the world as well as acting as a theatrical distributor, handling video and DVD sales, and ancillary markets.

Over the last few years, Domino Film had launched theatrically an impressive number of Canadian features supported by full publicity and promotional campaigns, including the multi-award winning SEE GRACE FLY, the rock music drama GOLDIROCKS, internationally acclaimed and TIFF listed as a top ten Canadian production DRACULA: PAGES FROM A VIRGINS DIARY, prairie gothic horror THE NATURE OF NICHOLAS, YELLOWKNIFE cited as best Quebec Feature by the Association of Quebec Reviewers in 2002, the award-winning FULL BLAST and MY FATHERS ANGEL, winner of the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Award at Mannheim, Germany.

French and English language networks, educational and syndicated clients broadcast the Domino Film package of Canadian independent feature films, documentary films, specials and shorts. Domino Films international sales activities included the sale of productions within its catalogue to subdistributors, broadcasters, video and DVD buyers and other clients in the U.S.A., France, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and Hungary, among others.

This is a letter of support written by Jeanne Ritter for Pictures of Infinity:

Letter of Support