Why This Film (2)

Tesla was also electrically sensitive  and performed experiments on himself to explore both the healthful and harmful effects of electricity on the body. These discoveries have created a completely new path of ‘energy medicine’.

If the aether is inherent to the fabric of nature, as Tesla’s observations, experiments, and inventions suggest it is, then it could be the basis for an entirely new understanding of energy.  It would potentially be the end of environmental destruction to fulfill basic human needs, and the beginning of living in greater harmony with the natural world.  It is part of a lineage of knowledge that once again brings physics, medicine, and music together in the tradition of ancient Sumeria and Greece,  and could provide  an essential new path of knowledge for the twenty-first century.

The aether has always been a part of the cultural understanding of most civilizations, and was discarded as a concept only in the last century of western science.

I learned from Tesla’s experimental work that the structure of everything in the universe is the same as the internal structure of music.  The acoustic phenomena of vibration, resonance, harmonics and tuning are found everywhere in the natural world, and so can be made visible and audible in image and sound.

I believe Nikola Tesla’s vision of a living universe that is filled with the dynamic energy he called the ‘aether’ or the ‘wheelwork of nature’, the principles of energy he had discovered, and the strong ethical foundation of all of his work, provides a historical precedent for a radical new direction in science and civilization, and it is one that is absolutely essential now.  This is why I am making Pictures of Infinity.

Oak Tree in Serbia, Spring 2006